"Being a member of the NCRA keeps me connected to, and has an impact upon, the critical issues that affect our industry and my company. Being a member has also been profitable, offering connectivity options and other services at reduced costs. Quite simply, NCRA membership has become a strategic and operational necessity for my business."
Marty Flynn, Credit Communications
 Sandy Lubin"Being a member of NCRA during these trying times has given me the opportunity to network with my peers to get new ideas and to solve problems that come up."
Sandy Lubin, CB of San Luis Obispo & Santa Barbra
Leaders United Together for a Cause. The NCRA Needs YOU!"Their mission statement has carried us for 15 years in the ever changing industry. We have provided leadership in education, legislation, ethics and enhanced vendor relations, all in an effort to enable members to successfully meet the needs of business and the modern consumer under the terms of the FCRA."
Judy Ryan, Kroll Factual Data
"We view our NCRA membership as critical. The National Credit Reporting Association is the only entity fighting on behalf of creditresellers. The rapid changes occurring in our industry including repository compliance, RESPA, GSE and legislative issues make participation with the NCRA a virtual requirement.
Tom Conwell, Credit Technologies
 I regret not being a member of the NCRA for 15 years and putting the responsibility on my peers to represent our industry for me. I had no idea what I was missing and how hard the NCRA works on our behalf until I joined.. In this market it is even more critical that you have your finger on the pulse, build peer relationships, and spawn new ideas. The NCRA will do that for you and so much more..
Daphne Large, Data Facts, Inc.

Benefits of being a member
of the NCRA

  • Programs -- The warning list, FCRA certification, data security program, Fannie Mae, ID Safechoice, discounted credit card processing, LPS Flood Services, Sword & Shield Security Systems, TransUnion SmartMove, CRA Help Desk online program tracking various state laws on credit reporting and PI licensing, BFocused Technology a new and exclusive mortgage loan processing underwriting technology, and other discounted programs. Many members recover much more than their annual dues from the warning list alone.
  • Education -- we address the most critical issues as identified by your peers.
  • A Voice -- any heavily regulated industry with no voice in the legislative process is doomed.
  • Networking -- the ability to call the NCRA membership and/or office and have a common bond from which to begin discussions and resolutions for your concerns.