NCRA's Warning List


What Can NCRA's Warning List do for your bottom line?

In 2007 alone collections directly related to NCRA's warning list has repaid me for both my membership dues and my PAC donation for the last 3 years combined! This does not take into consideration all the problem accounts we have avoided. Thank you NCRA!

John Fish - General Manager/Compliance Officer - Credit Service Company, Inc.

Since working with NCRA, We are very pleased with the exceptional customer service and promptness they provide us. With NCRA sending notifications to our clients, we have increased our unsettled financials by 38%.

Kim Scrivanich - Accounting Manager - CIS Information Services

"I posted an account to the Warning Site that was owing for several years. They responded from the letter NCRA mailed and are now making monthly payments to clear the balance. Just this one account made it all worth while!"

Mortgage Information Source, Inc. - Julie Meriage - A/R Manager

Kroll Factual Data has found the NCRA to be a very effective tool in our risk management arsenal. Upon the initial application for service and as part of the credit review phase in our Due Diligence process, we utilize the NCRA database. The information we have received has helped us to avoid entering in to high risk business relationships. Furthermore, we utilize the reporting option as part of our continuing collection efforts. When a client has fallen behind in payment, we inform them that if the debt is not satisfied, they will be reported to the NCRA, which encourages them to pay. The letters that the debtors receive as a result of our reporting them to the NCRA have been the catalyst for the receipt of payment on a number of accounts. We will continue to cooperate with other CRAs in the sharing of this valuable information and appreciate the continued reciprocity.

Cindy Bartlett, Credit Manager - Kroll Factual Data


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