Code of Ethics

National Consumer Reporting Association, Inc.
Code of Ethics

In keeping with the Mission of NCRA, to further and promote the general welfare of its members, credit grantors and consumers, members of NCRA pledge to promote and uphold the following Code of Ethics and obligate them:

  • To fully understand and strictly follow all applicable federal and state laws relating to the consumer credit and credit reporting industries.
  • To maintain procedures, including the refusal to delete or change information obtained from reliable sources, which will result in the provision of credit reports to our customers, which meet the highest standards of accuracy for the mutual benefit of the customer and the consumer.
  • To fully and accurately disclose credit-reporting information to consumers who are the subjects of credit reports in order to further promote the accuracy of our data and the trust of the public.
  • To treat all information with the utmost confidentiality and adopt appropriate procedures to that end.
  • To conduct our business in a manner reflecting honor and integrity, and report fraudulent and unethical practices to the appropriate authorities.
  • To recognize our obligations to our communities as active citizens and keep fully informed on the economic and legal conditions and responsibilities affecting the industry.
  • To compete in an ethical manner and make no misrepresentations about others or ourselves.
  • To resolve disputes between members in a dignified and professional manner.
  • To serve only the most reputable persons in the most reputable manner.
  • To terminate business relationships with persons who deviate from the principles underlying this Code of Ethics.