Become a Member of NCRA

Membership in NCRA shall be granted to consumer-reporting agencies, which are in compliance with the general requirements of the bylaws of the association and the Fair Credit Reporting Act and other applicable Privacy laws. A consumer-reporting agency, which compiles and maintains information on consumers on a nationwide basis for sale to other consumer reporting agencies, is not eligible for membership as a General or Certified member. It must continue to be in compliance with these requirements in order to retain membership.

Types of Membership

Charter | Certified | General | Associate | Honorary


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Charter Membership

Closed since 1995 - Charter members are Certified members who helped found the Association through donation of start-up funding and new member sponsorship.


Certified Membership

A consumer reporting agency, which has been in continuous business operation for a period of 2 consecutive years under the same name and ownership.


General Membership

A consumer reporting agency which does not meet the 2 year continuous name and ownership requirement of Certified membership but has management and/or ownership which has experience in operating or managing a consumer reporting agency for at least 2 years prior to application for membership.


Associate Membership

Are traditionally venders to or related business associates of the consumer reporting industry. Common Associate members include: software venders, insurance companies, public record searchers, printers, national credit repositories and repository owned subsidiaries, etc.


Honorary Membership

A person who has performed a distinguished service to the consumer reporting industry.