Compliance, Consulting, Legal & Expert Witness Services



NCRA's Compliance, Consulting, Legal and Expert Witness Services


NCRA offers the industry the following assistance in compliance, consulting, legal and expert witness services:

  •  Compliance - (New for 2018) NCRA Compliance Services is a central contracting and vetting center for the required compliance vetting of third party technology providers serving the mortgage, resident screening, employment, and other industries that use credit data from reseller consumer reporting agencies.  NCRA Compliance Services is open to all resellers, offering both members and non-members the industry’s most effective contracting and compliance vetting solution to assure a quality standard with the most recent compliance requirements for the data protection.  All resellers, credit data endusers, third party technology providers serving the American consumers whose information is being transferred in the lending, resident screening, hiring and other underwriting processes will only have to execute one set of contracts with NCRA Compliance Services and submit to a single onsite inspection to assure safe, legal access to the industries best providers of consumer credit data    
  • Consulting – NCRA’s management and leadership can provide reseller consumer reporting agency owners and management in a variety of areas from general management, compliance, financial, merger and exit strategies
  • Legal Services – Have you lost faith in your attorney’s FCRA legal advice?  NCRA maintains a list of known FCRA counsel on a national and regional basis
  • Expert Witness – We can provide assistance in locating expert witness’s related to credit reporting, credit scoring, mortgage and resident application related litigation